Our Projects

Working Alongside Award-Winning Designers & Other Notable Industry Professionals

Our Bespoke Castings

We have spent numerous years building an impressive portfolio of projects and clients.

We have provided replacement heating registers at Hampton Court Palace and have worked with design teams to develop bespoke cast iron channel drains, manholes and gully covers for Blackburn Cathedral.

We have also provided custom work for Grosvenor Estates in Motcomb Street Belgravia, Berkeley Square Mayfair, the Royal Borough of Hackney, and at Armstrong House at Newcastle University.

Our bespoke manhole covers feature within the precinct outside Canterbury Cathedral.

Materials & Finishes

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a comprehensive range of materials and finishes. In addition to our standard range of cast iron, we can supply brass, bronze and powder coated finishes; the possibilities are truly endless.

We believe in letting nature take its own course with every material in the outdoor environment but we do offer alternative finishes that can alter the aging process.

Raw cast iron, for example, starts out grey, but upon contact with water a bright orange oxide develops. This wears away and you end up with a rich, chocolate brown patina, like any manhole cover in the street.

To speed up this process we can apply a baked oil finish, which offers a more environmentally friendly finish that wears off over time once installed externally. We can even apply a bronze or copper finish.

Grosvenor Estate, City of Westminster

Motcomb Street, Belgravia

We were commissioned by BDP Architects and Grosvenor Estates in Belgravia to design and deliver a bespoke channel gully with frames to meet current bylaws, but also to give Motcomb Street in Belgravia a new village feel, so that its residents could take ownership of their shared space.

The design and the finished look were extremely important for the design team to meet their client’s brief. The design needed to honour the style of the historic Victorian castings found located around the estate. The cover was required to have the street name and area clearly displayed. The casting was to reflect the history of the Victorian foundries and their craftsmen who toiled over the detailing and ensuring the finished castings reflected their artisan passion. A suitable method of pre-aging had to be found to finish the casting, so as not to appear as the usual hunk of black cast iron so commonly found in our urban streets today.

The casting was designed in London and cast by a foundry in Grimsby, Yorkshire, making it a truly British product. John our managing director is very proud to have his and our company’s name cast into history within the castings for posterity.

“We worked closely with Lateral Design Studio to design and deliver a bespoke channel gully for a new public realm scheme for Grosvenor located in the heart of Belgravia. The expertise and dedication provided by John and his team helped to ensure the delivery of a high-quality element, cast, crafted and finished in Yorkshire, contributing to the beauty and individual character of and important London street.”
Jason Malyan, BDP Landscape Architect

Berkeley Square, Mayfair

Hampton Court Palace, Richmond upon Thames

Blackburn Cathedral, Lancashire

Lateral Design Studio has worked with many accomplished designers, celebrities and companies to create functional pieces of art for various applications, a skill which we lead the way in.

One project, which we are extremely proud of, was our involvement in the development of Blackburn Cathedral, a beautiful and historic structure in the heart of Blackburn, Lancashire, working with the Blackburn Cathedral Quarter Partnership.

The partnership, a joint venture between Maple Grove Developments, Darwin Borough Council and the Church Commissioners, was tasked with placing the Cathedral at the heart of Blackburn’s communities through opening up its precincts, introducing a series of new edge buildings and the creating a new square and gardens.

Working in conjunction with Plant-IE, the architects of the project, Lateral Design Studio supplied more than 150m of its Interlaken cast iron gratings, as well as over 200m of slot drain, to provide an aesthetically-pleasing solution to enhance the development’s surroundings.

Commenting on the project, John Harte, Managing Director of Lateral Design Studio, said: “This was an exciting project to be involved with, given the complexity of it. The heritage and history of Blackburn Cathedral is a joy to behold and the development, particularly the public realm design, really is something of beauty. Our input has complemented the architecture perfectly and I am incredibly proud to have been involved throughout the design process.”

Whether it is a small project or a massive undertaking, the team at Lateral Design Studio has the capability to deliver in a timely and efficient manner.

Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, Centre Court

As part of their 100 year centenary celebration back in 2022 we were commissioned to design, craft and cast a run of special cast iron grates and frames for use at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, the esteemed host of the Wimbledon Championships.

These beautiful grates represent the pinnacle of a swift-access cast iron ground grate system, complete with framing and a robust stainless steel hinging mechanism, and are now prominently featured at the heart of the renowned tennis tournament on centre court.

Lincoln Cornhill, Lincoln

Borough of Hackney, London

Armstrong Building, Newcastle University

The Armstrong Building is the oldest building on the campus of Newcastle University, and is the site of the original Armstrong College. It was constructed and opened in three stages between 1888 and 1906. The final stage of opening in 1906 was carried out by King Edward VII.

The building contains the impressive wood-panelled King’s Hall, which serves as the University’s chief venue for ceremonial events including Congregations. The Hall was named in honour of King Edward VII.

Eton College, Berkshire

Canterbury Cathedral, Kent