Cast Iron Channel Grate – Janis 5″ x 20″

This product uses our range of standard 5 inch channels and accessories, available in plastic, polyconcrete, and fibre composite.

Janis 5" x 20"

Cast Iron Channel Grate

Product Description

The organic arrangement and beautifully sculptured surface of our Janis pattern evokes river rocks and flowing water, adding a natural vitality to any landscape design.

Load Class
Product Spec
Janis 5" x 20"
Dimensions122.17 mm x 496.82 mm x 20.57 mm
MaterialCast Ductile Iron
Standard Finish Raw
Optional Finish(es)Post Rust Finish, Powder Coating
Weight5.90 kg
Free Drain Area75.3%
Gallons Per Minute (GPM)9.28
Recycled Content80%
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